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Updated May 2019

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One of the fastest-growing leisure activities in the UK are Motor Home breaks.

Most Motor Homes are fitted with beds, kitchens and toilets and are owned by people who do not want to stay on a campsite or B&B; they want something different.

One of the best places to park up for a night is by a great pub with good food and real ale, good company and perhaps an event to enjoy ... or good scenery to wake up to.

A number of landlords in different parts of the country allow Motor Homes to stay overnight in their car parks with the proviso that those who do so, come in for a drink or a meal. But how do owners find these?

Licensees, if you are happy to allow them to park up on your car park for a night, log on and join the face book groups, then advertise your pub for free on their pages.

If you’re having an event, a beer festival or live music, and are happy for a Motor Home or two to visit why not join and publicise it? There is even a book called Brit Stops and at the last count they had over 600  hosts. Are you losing out here?

We have ourselves, over the past 12 years, stayed at many different places as guests of the landlord/owner & have enjoyed the experience of stopping somewhere other than in a long line of caravans as happens on camp sites.

To help both licensees and Motor Home users who travel throughout the UK, we use the Google map of pubs happy to have overnight stops (currently around 1500) for those who own their own vans and if you want yours to be on the map of Motor Home-friendly pubs, please send your details via this web site In the past few years this site has been viewed 1.5 million times by motor-homers looking for a place that is friendly to motor-homes, it could be yours.