Anybody can call into a potentially suitable pub and ask permission themselves,

here what is supplied is information IN ADVANCE of known pubs (and other places)

that can accommodate motorhomes overnight.

This map provides Pubs that have been known to allow stop overs recemmended by other Motorhomers.

There are now over 1300 pubs as at April 2017

Some may charge for you stopping & some will require you to use their establishment for staying.

"£" denotes that the establishment is known to charge for camping.


If you wish to leave a comment, or recommendation,

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If you visit one of these pubs I would appreciate a quick e-mail with any information

that can be added to the descriptions.


Tthese are from my personal experience and collected from

different recommendations on the Internet so

please call before arriving to ensure your welcome.

I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Pubs Allowing Stop-overs

Discovered a Pub which is not in my database yet or found an error?

Please, note relevant information such as NAME, CITY (and GPS POSITION) and send to my email here >>

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You are free to use these poi's without charge, under the condition that you don't publish  these files yourself.


The simplist way to use the map is to zoom in to the area of choice,

this will show the individual icons position clearer.

If you then click on the item the description box will appear with known details

My target is to provide a list of Pubs

motorhomes can use when travelling.

If you find this map useful please consider buying me a beer by making a small donation


Pint pot = Pub known to allow MH to stop on their premises car park

£ = A charge is made and may have a toilet dump

A red icon = No MH accepted

Cassett dump sign = Toilet dump available (payment maybe required)

Sports icon  = Sports club

Check flag = C&CC tempoey holiday site

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Following my recent update there are now over 1400 pubs on this map

This site currently has been accessed by almost 340,000 (as at February 2017), these are motor home owners searching for somewhere to eat and stop.

Each week we get over 20,000 page views as visitors return to find their next stop.

Show your pub to these searches and attract more visitors to your establishment. All you need is a car park and give permission for the motorhome to stay overnight.

You can make a rule that they must use your pub for drink or meal in return.

You can also decide to limit of numbers and how long they are allowed to stay for free.

If you want to search for a particular place click the button

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With the large numbers of motor-homes being purchased recently an ever increasing number are looking for places to stop.

This has led to some landlords getting too many MH wanting to stop and causing problems for them.

May I therefore suggest you call first to ask to stay so to avoid dissapointment for yourselves and so the landlord can balance room for their regular customers.

Chequers Inn IOW 2