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Updated  July 2018

Pubs Allowing Stop-overs

Discovered a Pub which is not in my database yet or found an error?

Please, note relevant information such as NAME, CITY (and GPS POSITION) and send to my email here >>

Send me an e-mail funhalloweenlogobatsaghost

The simplist way to use the map is to zoom in to the area of choice,

this will show the individual icons position clearer.

If you then click on the item the description box will appear with known details

  • Legend


  • Pint pot = Pub known to allow MH to stop on their premises car park

  • £ = A charge is made and may have a toilet dump or camp site

  • A red icon = No MH accepted

  • Cassett dump sign = Toilet dump available (payment maybe required)

  • Sports icon  = Sports club

  • Check flag = C&CC tempoey holiday site

Following a recent update

there are now over

1500 pubs on this map

If you want to search for a particular place clickhere

This will open the map in a full screen in a new tab

with a search function.

  • As the number of users increases Its time to consider some guidelines when using any pub as a stopover recommended on this and other sites

  • There is no right to stay, respect the landlords guidance

  • You are guests of the pub and it is expected that to stay overnight you will patronise their business by eating or drinking at the establishment.

  • Remember you may be saving a camp site fee so more than a packet of crisps and a coke

  • To avoid a wasted journey, it is best to call in advance and always have an alternative plan just in case

  • Park with respect to other customers - no parking sideways across a number of spaces!

  • These are NOT campsites so do not set out tables and chairs etc.

  • Stays should not be more than one night unless there is a camp site attached

  • Water and waste water disposal is not usually available, so plan on arriving with fresh water on board and your waste tanks empty.

  • DO NOT empty tanks - fresh or grey on the pub car park.

  • DO NOT leave any rubbish

Code of Conduct

Pub Stopover Amenities

Figures released at the show by the National Caravan Council (NCC) say there are now around 225,000 motorhomes on the road along with 550,000 caravans. That might go some way to explain why it can be hard to find a campsite pitch at peak times

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and legend for this map

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Many of you that use this map on a regular basis will be aware of changes taking place with the icons displayed.

This has no effect on the workings of the map and is me updating the pub information,

and as I go through the map I change the icon so that I know which ones have been checked.

Once finished (and that mabe some time away) the pint pot will change to a different one.

In the meantime it will continue as before, just ignore the changed icons