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Updated June 2019



The simplist way to use the map is to zoom in to the area of choice, this will show the individual icons position clearer.

If you then click on the item the description box will appear, click more and then zoom to go to a magnified area of the icons position.

Wild/Free Camping spots in the U.K. plus some paid for stops

This is my personal map made during the last 12 years of motorhoming. Recommendations off various internet sites over time or used by ourselves.

Also some short walks & good cheap sites.

I have included some small sites that are useful for dumping & maybe elec charging.

The icon for these is a cassette dumping or a green tent.

Abbreviations used on the map:

MH = Motorhome

P = Parking

LB = Layby

CP = Car Park

RCP = Rural car Park

CCC CS = Camping & Caravan club 5 Van site


If you have any similar places send them to me at - px07 insert the correct character then gmx.com and I will add them to the map.

Also any places that are anti motorhomes and they will get a special icon!

Please protect these valuable spots by making sure you leave nothing but footprints/tyre tracks, and take only photos and memories away with you.

Scearching for these can take a lot of time, so I have collated some of them here, many with GPS co-ordinates.

Santa Clara

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with a search function.

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and legend for this map

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